Thing 5 – Online Networks

So as I have mentioned previously for me Facebook is really more of a personal social network and I am not so comfortable with my professional and personal social networks being combined. Not because I have anything to hide (I’m not posting inappropriate content) but I figure my professional network don’t really care about seeing a picture of me on holidays or my latest baking accomplishment but my mother might.

For professional networking I use LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter has been so important to me in building up a network of information professionals, who in turn have been an invaluable source of support and advice. There are some things that I really love about Twitter and the first is Twitter chats. Getting involved in a Twitter chat is an excellent way of conversing with your fellow information professionals and getting to know them a bit better. I have been to countless conferences and events where the ice is broken by ‘knowing’ someone from twitter.

Twitter is a great way of sharing your thoughts and things that interest you and you can stir up conversation that way. I use Twitter to share when I have published a blog post or when I find an interesting article online. It is great for getting your message out there and in turn hearing other people’s.

Hashtags make topics easier to find so I would always encourage people to use the appropriate # where you can.

Plus my experience using Twitter in a professional networking capacity has meant that I am able to use the knowledge I have built up to utilise Twitter for work purposes.

I am curious as to whether anyone find Facebook more effective for professional networking – and if so do they have a separate personal account? Personally I just can’t see myself using one social media tool for both things – I don’t mind being part of a few groups etc. but for me when it comes to networking with professionals Twitter is the winner every time.