Thing 11 – Reflective Practice

So I was doing so well until about Thing 7 and then life happened. I got completely out of the swing of things. Visitors and a trip home to Ireland meant that I missed a couple of weeks and then I felt so far behind I didn’t think I’d ever catch up. I missed the Hangout and the Twitter chat which was really disappointing but seeing the tweets on my feed this morning gave me the get up and go I needed to get back in the game.

I decided to focus on a couple of Things today – things that I already had experience of so I could read the blog and write up my thoughts quite quickly. Hopefully this will help me feel like I’ve caught up a bit.

Early on I had time set aside to fully concentrate on my Things but now not only have I fallen behind but my work schedule has changed which means that I need to re-examine my timetable. I’ve skipped Thing 9 until I have a time to catch up in place, but I am determined to catch up and continue.

Thankfully I am attending a conference next week so that will be great for Thing 12!