Final Round Up – Thursday and Friday

So today is the last day of #HLSDITL. It’s been a really enjoyable experience and it was great to see my own classmates get involved and to become someway acquainted with my peers in different countries. I found it interesting to see what different modules people were taking; like modules concerned with legal issues pertaining to copyright and business and management modules that deal with practical things like budgeting. I think some of these modules could be extremely useful but I guess completing a MLIS like this in one year means that some things need to take priority over others and these are things I can focus on when I begin working in the field. CPD is something I will be taking very seriously. I also want to do some CSS and I’d love to do some work on rare books.

I’ll give a very quick run through of my Thursday and Friday. Yesterday (Thurs) I had my Issues in Professional Practice module. For this module we have to build our PLN’s and e-Portfolios on WordPress. A few of my classmates were having trouble with creating menus so I volunteered to go in an hour earlier and help them out. I made up a tutorial sheet and tweeted about it and I’ve sent to some other MLIS-ers so I hope it helps. It took me awhile on YouTube watching tutorials to figure it out. I’ve only been blogging since late 2012 and I’ve taught myself a lot which is something I’m quite proud of and it makes me more hopeful that I will be able to keep up with changing technologies in my future career if I apply myself. The class was a workshop so I also got to teach a little bit. I think the teaching aspect of the librarian’s role is really important and I get a lot of enjoyment out of helping people learn. I think collaboration in courses like this, that are so intense, is really useful and I always appreciate help and try to help others if and when I can.

Today I had a class in my Information Professional as Teacher and Collaborator module which I suppose, considering what I’ve just written, is a really important class for me. Today we had a group-work session for the first hour. We were given a group of ‘users’ and we had to consider characteristics, information behaviour, information services that could be provided and barriers to offering the services. We were given Junior Doctors in an Acute Care Hospital. I found this a really interesting thought-experiment and it was particularly useful in that I’m really interested in medical libraries and the necessity of information literacy skills in relation to evidence-based practice. In the second half of the class our lecturer spoke to us about understanding the user. This is a very important part of teaching but it also important for ensuring libraries remain relevant. The user’s needs and wants have to be considerations.

It has been a really interesting week to be involved in #HLSDITL. I really enjoy blogging but I’ll be glad to go back to once a week. I hope anyone reading this has gotten a good idea of what it’s like to be a library student. It’s a LOT of hard-work but the learning is very rewarding. Some of my assignments that I will be working on over the mid-term include a cataloguing assignment, building a digital library on Omeka and creating an information literacy course (my ideas include either a college preparation course for 4th yr students or a course on social media networking for pre-graduates.) It’s going to be a busy two weeks but they sound pretty fun, if a bit stressful, so it’ll all be worthwhile.

Thanks for a great week Hack Library School!