Thing 10: Live Streaming

I usually try to attend the A&SL conference but this year I was tied to my desk in work awaiting emails for a deadline and couldn’t be outside the office. Thankfully my work couldn’t really start until the emails came in and therefore it was fine for me to attend virtually. Normally I would try to follow the Twitter feed but a live stream is even better as you almost feel like you are there. The only downside is that you can’t choose breakout sessions etc or take part in the networking that happens over tea or lunch but you can network using Twitter etc to still be a part of the conversation.

At the moment I can’t think of a situation where I would need to live stream something from the library. But that doesn’t mean the opportunity won’t present itself in the future. I think that is why a course like Rudai23 is important – it is allowing us to be aware of what is out there. And yes there is a lot! Just because something is available doesn’t mean that you have to use it, we don’t need to bombard our users with every piece of technology there is, no-one appreciates that. However, as librarians we should be aware of these things so that if something does come up we know where to look for the right tools for the job.


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