Thing 6 – Reflective Practice

I’ve really been enjoying Rudai23 and it has given me the opportunity and motivation to use this blog again which is great. However, I’m a bit behind at the moment and trying to catch up with my Things. Life got in the way for a few weeks but that’s okay isn’t it? It’s nice to see on the Rudai blog roll that we’re all at different stages and this kind-of takes some pressure off. Which is good because life/work gets in the way for all of us at times.

Although I haven’t commented on a lot of blogs I have read quite a number and I guess my big take-home is that I feel that I really fit with all of you lovely library people. Reading about people’s journeys into librarianship and how they feel about the profession is really something special. One thing I really love is that despite difficulties in libraries over the last couple of years I have yet to come across one blog that speaks about librarianship in a negative way. From what I have seen we love our jobs or our studies in librarianship and that says a lot.

Two years ago today I handed in my Capstone project and although it was financially difficult at times (like when I was interning) I haven’t regretted my decision to move into librarianship for a second. It has led me here – to being a very happy member of the library community and to a job I absolutely love. Through my work in the past I have helped people when they really needed it; I’ve helped build search strategies, found genealogical information that people thought was impossible to find and just been a ear to listen when someone needed it. And now in my new role I’m learning even more, this week I spent an entire week looking through and researching elephant folios from the 19th century. I’ve done so many different things and I’m loving it.

As far as the other posts go it is very interesting to hear how people feel about social media. I think for the most part there was a lot of agreement about using different tools for different purposes (i.e.Twitter/LinkedIn professionally and Facebook for personal social networking). I’m interested to see how the level of consensus will change as we move forward to tools that are a little less mainstream.


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