Thing 5 – Online Networks

So as I have mentioned previously for me Facebook is really more of a personal social network and I am not so comfortable with my professional and personal social networks being combined. Not because I have anything to hide (I’m not posting inappropriate content) but I figure my professional network don’t really care about seeing a picture of me on holidays or my latest baking accomplishment but my mother might.

For professional networking I use LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter has been so important to me in building up a network of information professionals, who in turn have been an invaluable source of support and advice. There are some things that I really love about Twitter and the first is Twitter chats. Getting involved in a Twitter chat is an excellent way of conversing with your fellow information professionals and getting to know them a bit better. I have been to countless conferences and events where the ice is broken by ‘knowing’ someone from twitter.

Twitter is a great way of sharing your thoughts and things that interest you and you can stir up conversation that way. I use Twitter to share when I have published a blog post or when I find an interesting article online. It is great for getting your message out there and in turn hearing other people’s.

Hashtags make topics easier to find so I would always encourage people to use the appropriate # where you can.

Plus my experience using Twitter in a professional networking capacity has meant that I am able to use the knowledge I have built up to utilise Twitter for work purposes.

I am curious as to whether anyone find Facebook more effective for professional networking – and if so do they have a separate personal account? Personally I just can’t see myself using one social media tool for both things – I don’t mind being part of a few groups etc. but for me when it comes to networking with professionals Twitter is the winner every time.


7 thoughts on “Thing 5 – Online Networks

  1. I prefer to keep networks separate too- possibly had Google+ taken off more, I’d be using it for that exact purpose. I haven’t got the hang of Twitter Chats yet- I always miss them! Life tends to get in the way. Nice blog by the way 🙂

    • Thanks Kim and thanks for the mention on yours. 🙂 Twitter chats can be hard to make time for but definitely worth it especially if it’s a subject you’re very interested in. I think I remember talk of a Rudai one which would be great.

  2. Thanks for your comments, good to see that I’m not the only one thinking about things this way. I certainly think the way we can manage our groups etc in Facebook now makes things much easier but then the question is if we can do everything via Facebook why have say LinkedIn for example. It kinda comes back to something I mentioned in another post about Professional Brand and how we manage our online presence.

  3. Hi Sarah, in case you can put professional “friends” or acquaintances into groups and then when you’re posting exclude them from your posts. I do that sometimes when it feels rude not to accept a friend but I don’t really know them or if I work with someone.

    I’ve also joined the rudai/Chartership closed groups.

  4. I would agree about keeping professional and social distinct, but you should also have an awareness that employers do search all forms of social media when recruiting. The Rudaí23 course is designed to expose you to the different forms and then leaves you to make decisions about how you want your professional brand to develop.

  5. I also agree. I’ve avoided friending workmates on fb as what if you vaguely complain about having a bad day or are job hunting. I’ll join groups but that’s it.

    Similarly with Twitter I’ve a school librarian account and a personal one as that has allotment, knitting and booky librariany chat.

  6. I know what you mean about keeping professional and social distinct, I’m sure you’d all be bored stupid with my incessant photos of my cats (your baking sounds great by the way!). I set up a Facebook group for Chartership so it’s great to chat to people on there, but without needing to expose (probably a bad choice of word) myself to everyone!

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