Finding a balance

elephant-balanceThis is my first post in quite a long time and the reason for my lack of blogging is really that I haven’t been able to find a balance in my life. When I was doing the MLIS I threw myself in the deep-end and was happy not to resurface into my normal life until I was finished. I figured it was one year out of my life to concentrate really hard on one particular thing and that I’d get back to normal once the Capstone was handed in. I’m happy that I took this approach because I’ll be graduating with great grades but the thing is, once the Capstone was handed in there was a hundred and one things waiting that I had pushed to the back of my mind, and I had so many people to visit and hang out with before I was completely disowned.

I had so many plans to continue with my learning and to get involved in library organisations etc. but I became totally consumed by the parts of my life that I had abandoned while studying in the last couple of months. Plus, I had spent the summer volunteering and once I finished that I started straight into my internship. I was tired, too tired to build up the energy to make an effort. I think I let myself burn-out a little.

Now, I have realised how much I regret not sitting myself down and finding a balance sooner. There were things I wanted to do that I let pass me by and being tired really isn’t an excuse. Looking back at the MLIS I was so productive, whereas right now I feel extremely lazy and I think I allowed myself to make excuses for the past few weeks. There have been really interesting blogs and stories from the library world I have wanted to write about and my Twitter favourites list hasn’t been looked at in far too long.

So now I think I have to set myself some goals:

I want to write at least one blog-post every two weeks.

I want to set time aside for reading each week

I want to attend events and get more involved if I can so I am really looking forward to the CDG AGM.

I would also love to do a short course or MOOC (suggestions appreciated!).

The thing is though, I don’t want to dive in like I did last year. I want to have time for friends and family, time to read books (ones that don’t have libraries as the subject), and time to relax. I think this balance will be good for me and will make sure I don’t burn out early in my career and become a ‘zombie librarian’. That would be a disaster!

I love that I’m a librarian and that part of my job is to continue to learn, and to make sure I am engaging with other information professionals and what other organisations are doing. I want to continue to love my job and find my career exciting. And I think while doing this I need to have a life outside of libraries. I think balance really is the key.