Teaching and Presenting

This semester I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to both present and teach. As a youngster I was always interested in debating and public speaking and I have up to Silver Medal in LAMDA for Public Speaking; however, I find as I get older it gets a little bit more difficult to stand up in front of your peers and speak, especially if you don’t get much practice.

I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to present to my class in Issues in Professional Practice despite my nerves. The topic ‘The Cost of Information’ is something I find very interesting and some of the information we presented is information that people might not have thought about before.

Due to my interest in WordPress, I also got the opportunity to help some of my fellow students with their blogs. I developed a short guide for them to help with developing menus in order to separate the sections of their sites as per module requirements. I really enjoy helping people to learn new things and I think this stems from the fact that I enjoy learning so much. The people that have helped me to where I am today and who have taught me things, however small, have been so important and I feel that if I can help people then that will make for a very happy and satisfying career.

WordPress Tutorial – Menus



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