Interest in Continuing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

As the MLIS classes draw to a close I am becoming more and more interested in how I will continue my education. I believe an interest in CPD and lifelong learning is something which is essential for an information professional. I am very enthusiastic about my personal career development and my Issues in Professional Practice module has highlighted the importance of a Professional Learning Network (PLN) and this is something I will continue as I travel down my career path.

There are several things that I have done this year that highlight my interest in continuing to develop my skills and understanding of the profession.

1. Networking – I have been very pro-active in the development of my PLN, I have been to as many conferences as I could, I have joined the Library Association of Ireland to stay updated and informed, I partake in discussions on Twitter, both organised (e.g. #irelibchat) and spontaneous.

2. Researching options for courses I could take in the future. For example, I have an interest in Rare Books and would love to take the Short Course available from Aberystwyth. See here for more details. I would also like to take a course in Web Publishing at some point in the future, though it has to be said I am very happy with the skills I’ve gained in relation to using open source systems like WordPress or Omeka.

3. I think my blog highlights my interest in the profession and the ways in which it is changing. I am very aware that that I could be doing very different things over the course of my career and I believe my willingness to accept this and my willingness to adapt are very important. CPD is not something I view as optional, to me it is necessary to ensure I am able to do the best I can in whatever role I might find myself.

4. I think my enthusiasm for CPD is more than just something that can be seen as something within my own professional development. I have taken a Information Professional as Teacher and Collaborator module in order to ensure that I have the teaching skills necessary to help others on their journey through CPD.

I believe these points highlight my determination not to stop learning just because I finish college. Lifelong learning has always been a career necessity for me and I truly believe I have found the perfect career path to achieve satisfaction in relation to this.


One thought on “Interest in Continuing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

  1. I think CPD is absolutely essential. Much as I’ve gone on lately about how happy I am to be done school, I know I’ll be looking for opportunities as I begin my career to keep my skills up to date and to keep learning new ones. I think we’re entering an absolutely amazing field, and I’m excited for so many reasons. On the one hand I love what library professionals, be they librarians or library technicians or even just pages, can do for their communities. On the other hand, I am really, really looking forward to all of the things that I will get out of working in this field.

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