Team-Work and Writing to a Brief

Creative management in a challenging times: the development of Lenus, on open access health repository.

I have chosen to add this report which was created for my Management for Information Professionals module because it is one of the assignments I am most proud of this year. I am proud of it for many reasons; one of the main ones being that it has resulted in what I believe will be a very interesting and fruitful Capstone project.

I entitled this post Team-Work and Writing to a Brief because from my point of view these were the two of the biggest learning outcomes of this assignment. There was some aspect of team-work in most of my modules this year but this assignment had an extra level of collaboration in that we had the opportunity to work with an organisation. My group was very lucky to be offered the opportunity to work in the health libraries sector with Aoife Lawton and the team behind Lenus the Open-Access repository. Aoife and her team are HSE librarians working in the Regional Library in Dr. Steeven’s Hospital, Dublin. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to work with passionate librarians who are building such a useful resource for medical professionals. There was a group of four of us working on the project and we collaborated very well together; we met at designated times and divided the work evenly in order to create a comprehensive report about the challenges facing the Lenus team and we were even able to make some recommendations about the future of the project. I think one of the biggest things I learnt on this project was that the work could be divided out evenly but that it was a good idea to let people take responsibility for areas of the project that played to each person’s strengths; for example, I took charge of the layout and design of the final report while another member took responsibility for editing. I also found that it was good to have set meetings to ensure we were communicating effectively and that every member of the group could have their voice heard in relation to the overall finished product.

In the assignment details we were instructed to take case study approach to investigate forces at work in an information organization. We were asked to conduct an environmental scan and incorporate an analysis of key internal and external influences. While I have experience with literature reviews and academic essay writing, report writing was completely new to me. I am very proud of the way we were able to stick to our brief and write in a very different way to the style to which we had grown accustomed.

I think this report proves that I can adapt to different situations and learn how to adjust my writing style to the requirements of the assignment. It also shows that I can work with different types of people and collaborate effectively to ensure a project is finished to a high standard. The project link is found in the LIS section of the Lenus website and I have received very good feedback from professional librarians which has been very important for my confidence and has helped me to find the courage to get involved in the library community.


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