A Twitter Monday

  1. Back to school today after a great wkend. A&SL Annual Seminar bit.ly/VjgfYK and NPD Ireland Event bit.ly/VYTeJJ. #HLSDITL
  2. Doing reading about Open Access for my Digital Libraries module which is great cos we’re focusing on OA in healthcare for Capstone. #HLSDITL
  3. Worked from home this morning. On the way to UCD now. Digital libraries lecture followed by work and Capstone meetings. #HLSDITL
  4. Trying to decide whether to do a project on Linked Open Data or Copyright and Intellectual Property issues in Digital Libraries. #HLSDITL
  5. On my way home now. Just finished a meeting about Capstone. We’re looking at use of Open Access by healthcare professionals. #HLSDITL
  6. Its going to be a long day 2mro. Research Methods assignment due this week. Transcriptions of interviews. Plus InfoSoc table quiz. #HLSDITL
  7. Health Libraries Conference coming up. Considering whether I can afford to go to one or two days. V. thankful for student rates. #HLSDITL

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