Lately I have been thinking about the future and what I would like to do once I finish in Library school and enter the ‘real’ world. Although I love technology and would like to get some experience of working in a more ‘techy’ role, I think my passion really lies in the research and user-focused side of the profession. I am currently employed in the role of Research Assistant and I love everything about it. I love reading the literature and trying to understand the emerging themes and how they work together. I love that I’m constantly learning and broadening my knowledge base and I love when I go searching through the internet and find that one article that I was looking for or that one article that makes everything else fit together.

I think a good fit for me would be as a liaison librarian in an academic setting or perhaps a health librarian. The research I am doing now is health-focused and I really enjoy it. I have already completed a Management Project with a group of fellow students about the HSE’s Open Access Repository, Lenus, which you can read here. I found this project fascinating and I became really interested in the issues surrounding open access, evidence-based practice and information retrieval and use by doctors and nurses. In fact I was so interested in the area that a fellow student and I proposed a Capstone Project based on these issues and I am currently working on that with my Capstone group.

I think if I was to proceed as a liaison librarian I would be a good fit in the Arts. I have a Master’s in English and a BA in English and Psychology and I studied both French and Philosophy in my first year of college. I understand what it is like to be an Arts student and I am interested in a wide variety of subjects. I would always seek to improve my knowledge in any area that would improve my performance. Working with Maria Souden has afforded me a fantastic opportunity to improve to my communication and analytical skills in relation to working with academics. I think it is a role I would really enjoy and be passionate about and I think I would strive to be visible and accessible to both students and staff if I was in a Subject Liaison role.

These are just my thoughts for the moment and I could change my mind before I leave this course but I think it is good to have some focus in relation to career choices. However, in saying that, I also think it is great that the skill-set we are acquiring lends itself well to a great number of roles.


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