New Professionals Day Ireland Inaugural Event

Attn. SILS students or those thinking of pursuing a career as a librarian or information professional! The NPD inaugural event is happening soon and for those of you who couldn’t make the presentation this evening or didn’t know about it, this is just a short note to encourage you all to take a look at their webpage and consider attending the event on the 2nd of March in Pearse St. Public Library. Basically, this is a chance to think outside the classroom, meet other NEW professionals and dip your toe into the sea that is networking. Attending events may seem intimidating (I completely understand that feeling!) but really it’s just a chance to chat to people in an informal and relaxed setting and maybe learn some new things; for example, what alternative career paths you could take or what skills it might be beneficial to learn. Speaking as a complete and utter newbie, the library community is a really friendly and interesting bunch so it’ll be well worth your while to attend and start getting to know some people, or chat to people you may have met already. All the information is on posters in SILS in UCD, check out the blog or Facebook page or follow on Twitter(@npdireland).

If you aren’t living in Ireland, have a Google and see what events are available in your area, attendance at these events is so worthwhile. Particularly events like this NPD event because there is none of the pressure associated with selling yourself as an employee, it is really about getting to know people in the same boat and its very much supposed to be a mutually beneficial experience.

Looking forward to the day and to writing about yet another new experience!


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