About Me

My name is Sarah Kennedy and I am a graduate of the Masters in Library and Information Studies from University College Dublin. I am originally from Tipperary and I lived and studied in Cork for a few years on my way here. I have a BA English (Major) and Psychology and an MA in Irish Writing. I loved my MA course; I studied Irish literature from Mary Wollstonecraft up until Colm Toibin. I wrote my thesis on Oscar Wilde and Colm Toibin and the issue of homosexuality in Irish literature. As much as I loved the literature, my favourite part of the course turned out to be the research methods and referencing skills course we were required to take. This course was given by librarians in the Boole library and it was so interesting and informative. I had always been a lover of books so a career as a librarian was always something I had thought about but this course showed me librarians in a completely different light. I began researching the area of librarianship and began to see that there was so many different facets to the job and most importantly of all it allowed for lifelong learning. The ability to learn and up-skill and read about many different and interesting things is something I always wanted from a career and the changes in technology make it a very exciting time to be entering this field.

I had to take some time between the MA and this course for financial reasons and I found myself working in retail. Although I tried to get library experience during this time I found it quite difficult due to my ever-changing hours at work and my lack of experience. However, I continued to research the area and was delighted to be offered a position on the MLIS. I also think that my time in retail has contributed to my skill set in terms of my customer service skills.

I have spent the past year gaining great experience in the library world working as a Research Assistant and completing two internships, one in the Therese Brady Library in the Irish Hospice Foundation and the second in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

I am also developing this site which started as a module assignment and has grown over the last few days and weeks. To find out more about the site, see the About the Site page.

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