Reflection on IS40370

Looking back on this module I realise I have learned a lot about management and how organisations run. I have found many aspects of the course very interesting but I have to admit my favourite aspects of the course have been the in-class discussions and the guest lectures. I find it is really helpful to have insight from people with experience and to be able to share what you have learned from your own experiences. While the reading is necessary in many ways, it is difficult to manage the large workload in a course of this kind and sometimes the large amounts of reading can be overwhelming. I found that the discussions and guest lecturers provided us with an insight of theory in practice and illustrated some of the concepts we were dealing with it in a way that made them far easier to understand and relate to our own experiences or our own comprehension of the subject matter. I have enjoyed writing the reflections as they have helped me to organise my thoughts and relate the subject to my previous experience. They are also good to look back on to remember certain aspects of the course.

I have found the group project very interesting and I am very happy with how it has progressed as I have built a Capstone proposal with a few members in relation to what we had been working on. I have always been wary of working in groups but I felt that some of the earlier lectures were very helpful in this regard. I had not considered the different ways in which people learn before and I hope that learning about this has made me a more patient person in regard to people learning at different paces in different ways. I also thought the class which dealt with being assertive in a group was very helpful as it showed us all how to deal with putting ideas forward or how to help quieter members of the group.

I have mentioned that before entering this course I had no work experience in the library world but I think this course has helped me to realise that I have transferable skills. The fact that marketing and justifying the place of the library is becoming increasingly important is something which actually will allow me to play to my strengths. I think this has really helped my confidence levels and made me even more determined to pursue this career.


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