Reflection on my Learning

Sarah Kennedy IA Report

I have chosen a report I had to write for my Information Architecture class. This report was to outline the new Virtual Research Environment for Information Architecture Researchers that I was required to develop. The reason I have chosen this is because it is something completely different to anything I’ve had to write before, either in an academic or work capacity. The assignment was to complete the report as though the audience would be colleagues on the web development team working on the VRE project with me. I found this to be a very interesting if somewhat daunting task. There was many aspects of this assignment that I had never experienced before. Due to the fact my background is in retail and in academic writing I have never had to write a business style report. The fact that this was so different to an essay was something I found difficult to get my head around. Our aim in this project was to provide as much information as possible with the least amount of writing. We were to write as though we would be presenting this to busy business people who did not have time to read a lengthy report.

We were required to complete Wireframes and Blueprints as part of this assignment and these were also very new to me. I found after completing this report I could look at websites in a completely different way. I think that before this course I hadn’t realised the amount of work that needs to go into developing an easy to use and accessible website. This task also allowed us to use our creativity as we were creating and building this project from scratch and this report was in someway our instructions for building the website. We had to develop the site name, page labels, navigation etc. I think the biggest thing I took away from this project is that it is important to understand what is being asked of you and deliver what is required of you. If I had written an essay for this assignment I would have failed the class. I think this is a great lesson for the future. Our lecturer explained that the business world is very different to the academic world and that we will need to understand what is being asked of us.

I think that even if I don’t continue on to a role that requires me to use the technical skills I have learned in this class, I can take with me the knowledge that I can write as instructed and develop my skills to suit the tasks I am undertaking even if they are new to me. I also enjoyed the organisation that this task required, the forethought and the fact that this assignment was a step in a process of assignments, all of which worked together.


One thought on “Reflection on my Learning

  1. Wow your report looks great! I have also found the emphasis on report-writing in both the Management class and Information Architecture to be really beneficial. We’re all far more likely to be writing reports than essays in the future (unless we go off and do PhDs!). And I feel the same away about the IA course in that it was kind of a confidence boost to realise that we’re perfectly capable of learning new technical skills when required – something to emphasise in all our future job interviews…

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