Unfortunately, as I am new to the class I have only started my reflective writing and therefore have no writing to reflect upon. However, I think the idea is a great one and it allows for thoughts and opinions to flow and also for healthy discussion. Encouraging us to interact about our subject matter in this way creates deeper understanding and exposes us to different opinions and ideas and helps with our own critical thinking. It can also help us focus our own thoughts about certain theories or ideas or allow us to put things into context by thinking about them in relation to our own lives. I find it strange to be using phrases such as “I think” or “I feel” in what is essentially a college assignment as we are taught to write essays in a very different way, based on facts and research. However, I think it is good to discuss how you feel about an article or a book; you will remember it better and you will understand it better if it creates thought. In the Exeter Reflective Writing Guide for Students they use a passage from Harry Potter where Dumbledore puts his thoughts in the Pensieve to clear his mind. I’m slightly biased due to my love of Harry Potter but, in fact, this is a very good explanation for the way I feel about writing things down. By reflection and writing we can organise our thoughts and open our minds for more information and new ideas.

I am looking forward to writing more and developing both my writing and my critical thinking. I also look forward to reading other blogs and seeing if people have expressed differing opinions and how these opinions will affect me and my understanding of different aspects of the subject.


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