This blprofilerog began as a college project but now I am using it to document my CPD and write about events I’ve attended and thoughts I have about librarianship.

The first iteration of this blog had the tagline ‘Perspectives of a newbie‘ then I got some great experience and was lucky enough to find myself in a Research role. At that point I was the ‘Librarian without a library.’ This year I took a chance and made the leap to London. Now I’ve not only found myself a library to work in but I also get to work across domains in the museum and archive. It’s very exciting and I am really learning a huge amount. Despite the differences in practices we all want the same things for our collections, good collections management and for people to use the collections and get the best out of them.

The blog is a continuous work in progress but hopefully you enjoy reading….


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Sarah. I’m in Chicago and have a niece who works at UCD! BTW, when I was taking a social media class, I used the same bird on a tree theme. Anyhow, best of luck. I’m a dinosaur. I love this profession because you can professional move around so much.

  2. Great site Sarah, you have put in such thought to your posts…looking forward to following and being inspired by your efforts 🙂

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