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Hi my name is Sarah and I am a recent graduate of the Masters in Library and Information Studies from University College Dublin. This site began as a college project used to document my journey through my MLIS. However, now I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul of it and continue to use it now to document my journey in my new career.

I have chosen to keep a few aspects of the original site such as the Library Student Day in the Life under the MLIS tab and some posts which document how I felt about the course and what I found useful or some hints and tips that I’m hoping will be useful for anyone thinking of doing the course. My Musings page contains my thoughts about all things library related. I use my Library Events and Functions page to document conferences and events I attend. Finally there is a Links section where I will add links to interesting articles, blogs, webpages etc.

You can also follow me on Twitter @sarahmk87 where I try to share interesting library-related materials.

I have also written a post for New Professionals day Ireland which documents my journey into librarianship.

The previous incarnation of this blog had the tagline ‘Perspectives of a newbie to the library world’ – although still a newbie I thought ‘Librarian without a library’ is slightly more accurate these days. While I don’t work in a library I still consider myself a librarian and everyday I use the skills I honed during my MLIS and previous experience. I continue to support libraries and I am very happy and grateful to remain part of a large network of information professionals using their skills to make information retrieval, research and information management easier in a world where information overload, lack of information literacy and other barriers are very real issues for people.



3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Sarah. I’m in Chicago and have a niece who works at UCD! BTW, when I was taking a social media class, I used the same bird on a tree theme. Anyhow, best of luck. I’m a dinosaur. I love this profession because you can professional move around so much.

  2. Great site Sarah, you have put in such thought to your posts…looking forward to following and being inspired by your efforts :)

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