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Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Sarah and I am recently finished an MLIS course in UCD and a library internship in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. This website started as a college project but I hope to continue it now that I’m out on my own. It is basically a collection of my thoughts and opinions on my favourite subject……….Libraries!

I really enjoy writing and this site contains some of my thoughts on libraries in general, theories or issues that I am learning about, and events that I attend. You can learn about me and how the site developed in About Me. You can scroll through my thoughts on issues of management or professional practice in Reflections. Professional Development and Goals outlines my CV, the competencies I have developed and the aspirations I have for my career and my professional development looking towards the future. My evolving Professional Learning Network is demonstrated under the PLN heading. This outlines the events I have been attending, comments or re-blogging from other librarians and links that I think are interesting or noteworthy. Finally, Musings is a section for me to comment on issues that are important to me, to show a little bit more of my personality and to really indulge in writing for my own benefit as well as to engage with others.

I really enjoy discussing the issues surrounding libraries and I invite and encourage you to leave comments on anything that may interest you. I enjoy engaging with other people and learning from their thoughts or experience. I am only new to the profession and I am very grateful to anyone who is willing to spend some time and help me in understanding the various roles of the library and librarians. Check out my Prezi!


Thanks, I hope you enjoy the site,


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Sarah. I’m in Chicago and have a niece who works at UCD! BTW, when I was taking a social media class, I used the same bird on a tree theme. Anyhow, best of luck. I’m a dinosaur. I love this profession because you can professional move around so much.

  2. Great site Sarah, you have put in such thought to your posts…looking forward to following and being inspired by your efforts :)

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